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Journal Entry: Sat Apr 16, 2016, 5:38 PM

22nd august 2016

So SMASH! happened, picked up the awesome sparkly Eeveelutions from GreyRadian and won myself a Mokona ;)
I did manage to get a Saber 600 special edition nendoroid :D :D I did also pre-order her when she came on sale, but I really wanted her! Picked up a Ditto Flareon and some nice new marker paper to try out.
Was a tiring day, but fun :D

Whilst my Pokemon Go is a little temperamental still managed to pop a lucky egg and get cracking on the pidgey farming, then picked up a Snorlax when visiting my parents for dinner (he was hiding in their front yard ;))
Pikachu visited my desk at work today :score:

I'm trying out he new paper, yet another OC playing Pokemon Go, but since I named my Flareon after him, he's holding one :)

16th august 2016

Check out the mini-gift from sealandangel of Seishirou!
Illegal Hotness by sealandangel

7th August 2016- news on art trade swap

So I did indicate that I was going to do an Art Trade swap in mid-July, but I'm changing roles within my job and things are not looking like I will have the opportunity to organise this. Whilst it's not entirely off the table, the idea is now underneath a large pile off stuff that needs to be done first.
Sorry if you were keenly anticipating this, just things are changing and hopefully for the better too ;)
My room is a complete mess, really should put some of this stuff away :blush:

20th july 2016

Wow so Pokemon Go dropped and I can hardly ever login during the day, but hey that's cool, my office is in the middle of no where :(
Went down to the bottom of Australia, saw some rocks in the ocean, got cold, but didn't care; couldn't play Pokemon, did care; saw a 'bunyip', played some retro games, played some Indie games, bought stuff, put sticker on my phone, bought more stuff, watched Sonic speed runs, played some more retro games then came home played 'Trials of Tatooine' (twice cause zomgBlue Lightsaber Emoticon  lightsaber!).

20th June 2016

Supanova Sydney was fun, but exhausting, by the time you've walked (or shuffled) to all the stalls it's been hours! Picked up another cheerleader outfit for my Nendos, Saitama is using it at the moment ;)
Have been slack on art works lately (ran out of my backlog :blush:) cause I had to make a wedding outfit for a wedding that is coming up.
Also trying a new technique to bring to life three of my dried up Copics (they seem to have had too much ink and I need to unclog them). Hopefully this time it works. They came with too much ink and I didn't use them too often and that happened, so if one of your new ones is blotching, remove the excess ink before putting them in your collection! ;)

2nd June 2016

Nendo dressups are dangerous, but so much fun!
Haikyu!! Banpresto trading figures are really quite good, I've now got quite the little collection of them happening. Nishinoya turned up so now he's playing with Hinata and Kageyama.
I need to re-organise the display cabinet cause i have too many figures to fit nicely, it's getting crowded :(

20th may 2016

Yay! Finally made the chibi I've been meaning to for a long while now. Then I forgot to add the stroke and had to rush to get that done too :blush:
Button: Fuuma by Khallandra
Got a crap ton of figures to shoot, bunch of OC ideas and I want to reboot my Siblings Project too! Waaaah!
And I need to take a photo of my Obi Wan costume before putting it away to make a wedding outfit! CURSE YOU!

14th May 2016

ONE PUUNNNNNNNCH! Finally made the Global board and a 100% in AudioShield on my fav combo!
Sonic smile icon - |One Punch Man| I thought I stuffed it again, but I did it this time :happybounce: One Punch Man - Saitama  (Happy)  V1
I really love playing AudioShield, Tsuritama OP is my new fav at the moment, it is just a really fun song to play ;)
Fuuma Week starts tomorrow, I really should get to finishing mine :blush:

Revenge of the 5th

Happy Star Wars Day! I bought a fitness tracker recently, but it has some nifty little smart watch features like switching on my music, showing me the weather and notifications which is nifty.
Ended up also taking some shots of Ronin Boba Fett, be on the lookout for them ;)

birthday gifts

Thank you to sealandangel for the b'day gifts! :dance:
Just another LA Devotee by sealandangelDeep In The Dark by sealandangel

18th April 2016

So I had a birthday and received lots of Star Wars themed gifts (helps the blu-ray came out) including a Ninetendo 64 with Pod Racer cartridge ;). I also trekked up to Sydney and wandered around the city for two days and bought a lot of random and different things, including a set of Clow Cards ;) and some figures.

Amongst my purchases were some new art supplies with two new Copics, some refill inks, new 000 W&N Round, Flesh and a replacement Warm Grey PITT markers, some Polychromos and Prismas (my first Prismas actually :excited:).

I grabbed a couple of blind boxes and managed to get the two I wanted, I really wanted the Wedding set, but mainly the grey suit and that's what I got. The little loin cloth is adorable, I'm not sure who I should pick on first with it, perhaps Date Masamune ;) I also grabbed some fake grass and fake model trees cause they were there and they looked interesting. I want to go buy some balsa wood and make some little tables and what not.

April Art Haul by Khallandra Nendo Body Parts by Khallandra

In other news we have a Vive and have been playing that for the past couple of weekends. AudioShield is my favourite with 'THE HERO!!' being my fave song to play. In The Labs we've named the robot dog Genos, Genos adores me cause I play fetch with him.
My real cat gets a bit confused by the whole thing, but he's getting used to it ;)

I have plans to start going through my backlog of figures to photograph, doesn't help that I picked up Daiki, Lev, Toudo and Touya figures as well. I'm hoping my Petite Fate Stay figures arrive this week, I need Lancer ;)

Also have a bit of a backlog of the 'Old Faves Re-draw' series, there are 12 in total and that fills up the moleskine, then I was thinking of rebooting my abandoned 'Siblings' project in a new one (that's paper is no where near as yellow which is a relief).

Img 20160417 153627 by Khallandra
Noiz in his new suit ;)

I wish people wouldn't bitch when they don't follow group rules and I'm telling them. Group rules state I can reject without notification, I'm trying to be nice and get O.o responses. Pisses me off, read the fricking rules!

.:Tips of the Week:.

Tips and Tricks STAMP by Khallandra

:bulletblue: Mixing mediums can be a lot of fun.
:bulletblue: Mixing Media: Pencils work great after Copics, as the pencils leave a layer on top of the paper instead of soaking into it and can block the Copic as a result or give splotchy Copic coverage
:bulletblue:  Too much pencil leaves a very distinct pencil texture that may or may not be desirable
:bulletblue:  Pencils are good for areas (especially on a soaking paper) that the marker isn't giving enough definition to
:bulletblue: Achieving a goal is a rewarding accomplishment
Previous Tips

.:Upcoming Art:.

WIP available on Twitter
:bulletblack: Ronin Boba Fett :star: :star:
:bulletred: Ginsei and Flareon :star-half: :star-empty:

Want to Suggest Fanart? SUGGEST HERE
Button: Tully by Khallandra

.:Misc Other:.

:bulletblue: Obi Wan cosplay (completed)

:bulletblack: Kageyama Nendo (Haikyu!!)
:bulletwhite: Cleaning Levi Nendo
:bulletblack: Celty (DuRarara!!)
:bulletwhite: Izaya (DuRarara!!)
:bulletblack: Shizuo (DuRarara!!)
:bulletwhite: Yu (Persona 4)
:bulletblack: Makishima figma (Yowamushi Pedal) only if this figure doesn't fall apart every time you look at it!
:bulletwhite: Celty Nendoroid (DuRarara!!)
:bulletblack: Nyanboards
:bulletwhite: Kazuma (s-CRY-ed)
:bulletblack: Erwin Smith (AoT)
:bulletwhite: Prowl (Transformers)
:bulletblack: Obi Wan SH figureARTS (Star Wars)
:bulletwhite: Sakura school figma (CCS)
:bulletblack: Haikyu Bandai figures
:bulletwhite: Hakutaku Charaform
:bulletblack: Joker Nendo
:bulletwhite: Archer Nendo
:bulletblack: Spartan Batman
:bulletwhite: Fate Stay Servants
:bulletblack: Lancer (Fate\Zero)
:bulletwhite: Saitama Nendo (One Punch Man)
:bulletblack: Leonidas figma (300)
:bulletwhite: Lelouch (Code Geass)
:bulletblack: Touska figma (Fate\Stay)
:bulletwhite: Hajime Nendo (Gatchaman)
:bulletblack: Nishinoya Nendo (Haikyu!!)
:bulletwhite: Emiya Nendo (Fate\Stay)
:bulletblack: Tomoyou figma (CCS)
:bulletwhite: Katsura (Ginatma)

:bulletwhite: Sibling Project (needs to be rebooted)

 Backgrounds from Subtle Patterns and base gallery CSS from Gasara
Eating Worms

.:art status:.

Art Trades Stamp by KhallandraRequests and Point Commissions by Khallandra
I'm sorry, but I will not be able to work on your project with you or give you points. If you want points join in at one of my groups character weeks, follow the guidelines and you'll get points that way.
Button: Kimihiro by Khallandra



:star-empty: :star-empty: Concept Stage
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Am who I am. Copic Artist primarily, dabbled in Cosplay and Watercolour painting, currently playing with Action Figure Photography on the side. Lives in Australia. Random llama giver and also as thanks as well.
Own worst enemy.
No need to thank me for favs, watches and llamas it was my pleasure, please give me a llama instead if you choose to and I'll give you one back if I haven't already :D

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