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Gate 7 Inspired: Tachibana Kimono Top by Khallandra Father and Son: Zeke and Heath by Khallandra Tanuma as Fudzuki by Khallandra Father and Son: Christian and Noah by Khallandra Kimihiro Valentines by KhallandraMagi: Hakuryuu by KhallandraFather and Son: Tao and Leo by KhallandraSinbad Zepar Djinn Equip by KhallandraMajestic Prince: Izuru's Excitement by Khallandra


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Button: Seishirou by Khallandra Button: Subaru by Khallandra

Denki by Khallandra


Introducing a new journal series which will focus on some tips and tricks on how to draw in the Anime /Manga art style. This series is designed to have all levels of concepts and ideas to assist and expand upon this very popular art style.
Check out the links for previous Project Educate articles that have been written that may already outline some of the basics and tools.

Three Basic Starting Points

There are lots of articles to help in both the style and the community, but it can be overwhelming for new comers. The basics of anime style is that is it similar to Western Cartoon style, but with different features such as large eyes, small noses and mouths. These three will briefly be expanded upon.


Anime eyes are generally wider, taller and have variable sized irises to realistic eyes. They form a primary part of the expression of an anime character. Any colour of the iris is suited, even multicoloured, with large highlights (shine).
Younger characters tend to have wider and larger eyes, often oval shaped irises and lot of shine. The older the character gets the height of the eye decreases along with the iris size accordingly.

Anime eyes by DestinyBlue Anime/Cartoon eyes (+tutorials?) by SpadeNightmaren Anime eyes and Tips by moni158 Eyes by SakuraTenshi101


Often anime noses are quite small and unnoticeable, a dot or small line can define the nose. Larger noses are often a stylistic choice and come in as many flavours as eye shapes.
Females tend to have small noses, Chibi characters tend to have very tiny or non existent noses, whilst bishounen can have large and long shapes (depending on the style chosen).

Noses by Kira09kj Head Perspective Chart by yuumei The Nose Knows by Idiot-Savante Drawing anime noses by moni158


Mouths are also very varied in styles being small and unnoticeable to large and wide. The location of the mouth is not always in a set position as for example the 'sideways mouth' is often used in a profile which is an anatomically incorrect position, but it is very common in the anime style. The teeth are sometimes drawn, but hardly ever detailed (unless it is a close up or used for the expression), the insides of the mouth are mostly simplified too. Upper lips are often times missing or very thin and often the entire mouth is left uncoloured or lightly coloured.

Painting lips TUTORIAL by safva 60 Mouths by Pencil-Fluke Anime and Realism lips tips by moni158 Anime Lips: Step-by-Step by lEdogawa

But I need more, that's too many different styles!

Bakuman 3 by Khallandra

Don't panic! Everyone draws differently. Try and find some artists and analyse how they draw those three aspects, once a pattern is seen, try a different artist and repeat the process. Move onto different genres and different eras as things have changed over time, looking at an anime style from the 80s is very different to a late-90s and the styles today, they have diversified and changed depending on the artist and genre.

Groups of Interest

:iconcranimeandmanga: :iconprojecteducate: :icondrawing-tutorial: :iconartistshospital: :iconmanga-apps: :iconmangaacademy: :iconlearnmanga: :icontutorialsclub:

Articles of Interest

Mikorin3 by Khallandra

Master List of How to Draw Anime/Manga Tips and Tricks Articles

  • Coming Up: Basics of Drawing Hair

Questions for the Audience

  • What kinds of articles would you like to see?
  • Do you have any tips or favourite Anime/Manga tutorials?

Gifs from: Denkai, Bakuman, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

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Artist's Toolbox

Bakuman 1 by Khallandra


After purchasing some Copic markers they can be a little intimidating on how to look after them. The ideas put forth in this article may also be useful for other brands of refillable markers, but always consult the product's webpage for tips and tricks on how to maintain them.
Firstly, these are the official resources: Downloadable Resources in PDF format or Copic AU FAQ which are the official methods for performing the tasks mentioned below.
:note: Note: For best care of markers be careful when replacing and refilling as it is easy to damage markers further, try not to leave the nib removed for a prolonged period of time.

Storing your Markers

When storing any markers ensure that that the caps are placed back on squarely on both ends of the marker correctly, try not to leave them too long with askew lids.

There are various products that can be purchased to store markers in, the order and organisation is of course up to the artists own preference. There are various sizes of plastic jewel cases to store the markers in an upright position, mini shelves with pigeon hole like slots to store the markers horizontally and various sized wallets that store the markers in little pockets that can be kept either upright or horizontally (and are portable).
The type of storage to use needs to suit the environment in which is available, however sitting in direct sunlight is discouraged.

Jewel Case by Khallandra
This example jewel case has grooves in the bottom and only fits Sketch makers, the lid has an insert with the same grooves. Other jewel cases are also available for different marker types. The lid is very useful as a refill holder if not needed for portability.

A cheap alternative to the expensive storage 'solutions' is a CD/DVD storage box with hand made cardboard inserts to divide the markers into logical units, i.e. by specific colour (E, BV, R, etc), most used, marker type (Ciao, Sketch, Wide, etc). Small rectangular or square shaped pen holders are also very useful.

Refilling Markers

Signs that the ink is running outWhen the ink is running it it often becomes streaky and not enough ink will come out to blend properly. If the ink is coming out blotchy or 'sticky' that is often a result of a damaged nib (and likely also a dried out one).
Easiest method is to get the chisel side of the marker and run it across blank paper, if there are lines rather than a nice solid colour, refill the marker.
Other indications are different levels of ink in the nibs or 'streaky' chisel points like the following example.
Marker needing Refilling by Khallandra
If a marker continues to be used when it is drying out then it will run the risk of damaging the nibs as well.
Darker coloured markers are easiest to notice because their streaks become very apparent, lighter colours are harder to notice and require manual checking from time to time for commonly used markers.
Try not to remove nibs or attempt to refill in direct sunlight, as it may dry out the marker.
Amount to Refill The lines on the refill are known as 'cc's (cubic centimetres) and are used to gauge how much is needed to fill the marker. Best bet is to start with the smaller amount to avoid overfilling the marker. If the marker is only just starting to show signs of running out of ink, start with an even smaller amount.
Copic Ciaos take 1-1.5cc (~30-40 drops)
Copic Sketch 2cc (~50-70 drops)
Copic Marker 2-3cc (~50-90 drops)
Copic Wide 3-4cc
Refilling without taking the nib out (drip method)Mentioned in the official guides as the 'drip' method. Have a tissue handy as it will likely overfill at some point and drip down the outside. Take the chisel side of the marker and drip the ink onto the nib, wait for it to be absorbed and drip another drop on.
It takes longer to absorb the more 'full' the marker is, adding extra drops before it has absorbed it will just cause it to overflow on the outside of your marker. Having a tissue on hand allows for easier mop up.
Sometimes air bubbles start coming out as the ink is being absorbed, wait until the bubbles subside before continuing.
Drip Refilling by Khallandra
Refilling by taking the nib out (with or without the booster)Removing the nib can be difficult, if you have the Copic tweezers, use these at the bottom of the nib and pull directly out (rather than at an angle). Slender fingers without long fingernails may also be able to do remove nibs  without the tweezers, caution is required when performing this step.
There is a booster tool with a needle attached to the top of the refill which is inserted directly into the marker, however you can also drip straight into the shaft (do this carefully as it can overflow just as easily as going directly on the nib and sometimes also gets air bubbles).
Remove Nib Refilling by Khallandra
Try not leave the marker 'nib-less' for too long, it may dry out the insides.
Help! I over filled it!Overfilled markers are very obvious as when they are used as the ink forms a drop and can leave a nasty blotch on the artwork (grab a tissue to lessen the damage). Leaving a marker overfilled can lead to the nib completely drying out and becoming useless. Use a tissue to blot the nib, then attempt to use again, if the nib becomes drippy again, repeat until this no longer occurs. Unfortunately unless the blotchy drops are used as a background effect or part of the colouring using the tissue will still waste the removed ink.
Sometimes a newly purchased marker may start doing this from first use, blot out the excess ink with the tissue before use as if left alone it can dry out the nib (and the nibs become difficult to pull out too).

Replacing Nibs

Signs a nib is damaged The nib often becomes 'sticky' and leaves streaks across the paper, though these streaks are darker rather than the lighter streaks when the ink is drying out. Chisel tips often will show signs of wear by fraying a little and start to have soft edges. Often little crystals of marker will stick to the lid and underneath (removable with a little extra blender/suitable alcohol).
Damaged Copic Tips by Khallandra
Sometimes it is desirable to have a sticky nib, it can lead to some interesting effects.
How to remove and replace Same idea as refilling by taking the nib out, either use the Copic tweezer and pull directly out (not at an angle) by grabbing the base or if necessary fingers are suitable (be careful of long finger nails that dig into the marker as it might damage it). The marker can also be refilled at this point, or just add a few drops if it is quite full to aid bedding in the new nib. Push the blank nib in slowly and carefully making sure the groove meets the base of the shaft, a very dry nib should slide in easily. It can stick out a little bit (especially the chisel sides as this is how to get better results from the airbrush system), but too much can run a risk of drying out the marker.
Replacing a Nib by Khallandra
Firstly check the nib is damaged and sticky, like the one above, and attempt to remove the nib. If the nib isn't coming out try adding some ink to the bottom of the nib to make it less sticky, a tissue can help a really uncooperative nib (like the example above).
Don't have a new nib?A nib may be possible to recover if it has dried out by soaking it in a solution of 0 Blender (or a suitable coloured ink if preferred), however it is very difficult to get dried-out nibs out of their marker and often this solution doesn't work. Seal up the exposed marker by sticky-taping across the hole and around the lid as well. Leave the nib to soak overnight before reinserting it back into the marker.
Cleaning the Lid When replacing a nib (or trying to limp one through) check the lid of the marker to make sure none of that died out crusty-ink has been left behind. Use 0 Blender (or a cheaper alternative) to clean that out with a cotton swab.
Cleaning the Lid by Khallandra

Making new colours

Determining what is needed Determine what marker colour appears to be missing and not available. Often these are markers in between the available types or ones that are of a lighter shade of existing markers. Much like watercolours mixing inks together can yield interesting results.
Gather the refills of the colours required and optionally the 0 Blender, as it can be useful when creating markers, as it serves as 'white' to lighten the ink.
Amounts to fill Since the entire blank marker is empty it can hold more ink (as it needs to fill the nibs as well as the body). Approximate trial and error numbers used for sketch and regular markers found:
Copic Sketch ~3cc (~80-120 drops)
Copic Marker ~4cc (~100-150 drops)
These numbers are only from trial and error and account for shaky hands when filling and dripping down the outside of the marker.
Recipes Coming up with a 'recipe' is a bit of trial and error, it is easiest to use an empty refill marker to make the mix, but a clean shot glass and an eyedropper also does the trick. Use a cheap paintbrush to mix and sample the work until happy.
Some very simple recipes. Please feel free to share more in the comments!
YR200: 35 drops YR21, 25 drops YR30 and 70 drops 0 Blender
E700: 50 drops E70, 70 drops 0 Blender (this 5/7 ratio often is useful for making a lighter version of the lightest currently available)
E10: 45 drops E11, 3 drops E04, 70 0 Blender
E20: 45 drops E21, 10 drops E10, 55 drops 0 Blender
Making 'E20' Marker by Khallandra
Can new ink be added into existing markers?
Yes, it is possible to do this. Overfilling risk is very high as it's almost impossible to tell how much ink is already in the marker, but it is a lot of fun. It does take quite some time to blend together - turn the marker often and shake it to aid in the mixing. This technique is useful for duplicates that are otherwise useless, and a tissue can always be used to remove some of the ink before adding in the newer colour.

Other Copic Products

There are a variety of other Copic branded products that are also either single-use or refillable. The SP branded Multiliners have replaceable nibs and replaceable ink cartridges, however they are size specific so be careful when ordering. In the example below, only the SP Multiliner is reusable, the other three are not designed to be.
Other Copic Products by Khallandra
Opaque WhiteAs shown above, the white ink product is called Copic Opaque White and is something that is very useful for doing post-highlights, but the tub can easily dry out (as the example has shown).
A nifty trick is to get some of the dried out white ink and place it into the lid or another surface, then using a small amount of water, bring it back to a more fluid consistency. Too much water makes the ink not stick to the paper as well, whilst not enough makes it streaky.
Do not put the water directly into the pot! this will cause it to crystallise and can turn into little rocks, which  are stubborn and don't just nicely dissolve.
Trying to resolve the drying out issue is time consuming and likely will be frustrating when working on a larger piece.

Bakuman 2 by Khallandra

Questions for the Reader:
  • How do you like to store your markers?
  • Have any recipes for creating a marker?
  • What other Copic products do you use and maintain?

Gifs from: Bakuman

Summer almost over, I am sunburnt.

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 22, 2015, 12:05 AM

19th April 2015

Yay, well on my way on the article, spent all day drawing, making videos, screen capping videos and making mini gifs (the videos are too long and boring otherwise :blush:). Had to use a paper I'm not used to and managed to actually get somewhere with it, colouring skin on it was hard, but everything else wasn't too bad.
Dance til ya can't no moe Hooray! The Australian anime group Madman are getting not only Hozuki, but Haikyuu! too :dance: I say Dance I've got my fingers crossed.  for bluray :D

11th April 2015

I'm about to get an age of :scared:that's quite scary. I honour birthday trades BTW so if you want to trade then that's what I do.
All of my userscripts are no longer working, no idea what's happened in the last update, hopefully they can fix it again, it has happened before I'm in ur post! Shakin mah fish! .

3rd April 2015

Very nervous about my article, hope it's useful to someone out there really :)
Been a very hectic week, hopefully can have a quiet weekend (even though I'm on call for work again :( ), hope everyone has a great Easter or just weekend if you don't celebrate Easter in any way.

22nd March 2015

Phewf this article is taking some time, been at it the past couple of days so far. I've got pictures, I've got videos made into gifs and now I need to make some gifs of Bakuman. Hopefully it is useful to someone :shrug: there's always the official pages for further information.
I've also delayed the last few profiles submissions, one day I'll release the final ones.

Edit: 24th march All done now, just waiting on a review and it will be good to go :D

28th February 2015

Thank you! Check out this aweomse commision lusiartworks did for me of Tully!
Commission for Tully by lusiartworks

22nd February 2015

Been a crazy month and the next few weeks don't appear to be getting any lighter. Had the first anniversary of my grandfathers death last week, but went out with my sister and took my Nan to visit his plaque (as well as fixing her TV and telephone in her new place ;)) so it was a nice day, even if I got sunburnt.

On a much lighter note, I've had so many adorable little cuties turn up lately. I haven't even considered the pop vinyls I got (Titan Eren, Groot, Baby Groot, Smaug (it's so cute!!)) so here's a couple I took some shots of, I'm taking longer now to set up my shots of these, I'm considering starting to put them into my proper gallery at some point, sorry if a sudden action figure spam happens in the future.
Mashiro (Bakuman), Hinata (Haikyuu!!) and Onoda (Yowamushi Pedal) [click for larger versions]:
Bakuman Mashiro Nendo by Khallandra
Haikyuu!! Hinta Nendo by Khallandra Yowamushi Pedal: Onoda figma by Khallandra
Subaru Week is on at :iconx-dragons-kfss: and Gate 7 Month is about to start at :icongate7-clamp:, non-members more than welcome to participate, both groups open to everyone :D

art feature

Thanks for the commissions, gifts and art trades, I love every single one of them!
Yuuta, Tao and Kimihiro by SavageFrog by KhallandraOC AT Shen and Takeshi by sealandangelValentines AT Trespassing by sealandangelMorara by ResidentBrainIt's A Brand New Day by sealandangel

previous action figures

.:Tips of the Week:.

Tips and Tricks STAMP by Khallandra

:bulletblue: Best part about giving a gift is getting a smile.
:bulletblue: Doodling on paper is practise!
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::..Profiles Project..::
These will be postponed for submission until further notice
:bulletorange: Tully and Anton :star: :star:
:bulletorange: *bonus* Kimihiro and Tao (AU) :star: :star:

Button: Tully by Khallandra

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:bulletpurple: Article :thumbsup:
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:bulletwhite: Team Flare Grunt Cosplay (x2)
:bulletblack: Cleaning Levi Nendo
:bulletwhite: Hozuki Figure
:bulletblack: Batman Nendo
:bulletblack: Profile Project PB G.Stars - Finished by Oceannist
Profile Practice Project by Khallandra

 Backgrounds from Subtle Patterns and base gallery CSS from Gasara
Eating Worms

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Art Trades Stamp by KhallandraRequests and Point Commissions by Khallandra
I'm sorry, but I will not be able to work on your project with you or give you points. If you want points join in at one of my groups character weeks, follow the guidelines and you'll get points that way.
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Welcome to My Gallery by Khallandra
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Random Things

Age I don't want to be, Copic Artist primarily, dabbled in Cosplay, now trying out Watercolour painting. Lives in Australia. Random llama giver and also as thanks as well. Own worst enemy. No need to thank me for favs, watches and llamas it was my pleasure, please give me a llama instead if you choose to.
If I have made art for you thanks are always appreciated (and I think I did something wrong if I don't get a response).

:iconflyingheartsplz: :: Liek thanks you :: by Liek :iconflyingheartsplz:
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