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Building a Chibi and Nendo Army

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 4, 2014, 5:23 AM

24th November 2014

I did it! NanoWrimo Winner 2014 :dance:
Winner-2014-Square-Button by Khallandra
Also Seishirou Week has started over at :iconx-dragons-kfss: pick up some points by participating, non-members are welcome to join in too!
So many of the figures I've ordered are slated for December and Janurary releases now, not the best time to shift them all :( and the dishwasher finally broke and needs replacing :sigh:

15th November 2014

Too many 'hobbies' so I'm dropping the ones I feel have become a chore now. Got too many things to do and the weekend just disappears so quickly now. I've been itching to draw my new OCs from this years NanoWrimo so I will get to it! And finish that Groot painting, it's been sitting waiting for me to paint for far too long now.
Been biking quite a lot, loving my Souhoku gear, it's really good, can't wait for the others to arrive. The shorts are really comfortable and have great padding.
NanoWrimo 2014 I knew Peacock King isn't all that unique, but to see another drawing in a group same concept, sorry abut that, great minds think alike :blush:

9th November 2014

Migraines suck, this one is a bastard that even specially dedicated medication it shrugs off.
I did manage to pre-order Yato! (amiami) I've been waiting for the figure to be released for months now to pre-order him (and ended up with a bunch of other figures as a result :shakefist:).
And all the Sakura figures, okay I'm happy there are a bunch of them but someone else now please? Subaru? He's adorably cute too.
Though saw the little Yue and Cerberus as well, they are cute!
And the two new Haikyu!! Player Series figures, I want them! I'll buy the whole team dammit!
Doctor Who is finished for the time being, kinda sad, funnily woke up a few minutes before it started with 'did we tape Doctor Who' turns out we didn't but could get up and watch it live (only time this season!)

2nd November 2014

NanoWrimo has started for this year, I always seem to struggle to get my word counts up on the weekends, but during the week I tend to get more time and inspiration to write (cause my computer is so damn slooooooooow so gives me something to do whilst I'm waiting for the bloatware to do shit all day).
Ended up ordering more cycling gear, Hakone stuff and another Souhoko top just cause I wanted too and I only own one pair of padded cycling pants at the mo and they get a little gross after a ride.
Do  you know what's awesome? Peanut Butter Oreos, I have only recently discovered them and love them so much!!

26th October 2014

Crazy weekend, I started painting Groot, only got the background done :( Have a Halloween-ish themed pic ready to do.
Nanowrimo is starting! I'll post up some stuff on my profile if you are also doing Nanowrimo and want to be writing buddies ;)
Took some photos of some more of my Nendos too :D
Zetsubo-sensei Nendo by KhallandraAoba Nendo by Khallandra

23rd October 2014

Yay, finally was able to do some art! I'll release it on the weekend sometime :)
Just been super busy working on a particularly difficult scanlation, that seemed to take forever and a day to do! Work work and more work (I really hate being on call).
And I got a bike!Riding a Bike  A road bike to be exact and it is quite difficult to get used to (since I haven't ridden a bike in ages too). The seat is hard so padded shorts FTW!Inspired Idea I picked up a drink bottle holder today, bright cherry red of course as my bike is black and red. I've named it Naruko :D
:cough: So I did another fanart, bit too many to release this weekend :blush:

11th October 2014

I'm going to start 'Chibi Tuesdays' since I have a few waiting to be added to my gallery, but wasn't sure if adding them all at once would be too much, so Chibi Tuesdays it is.
Kamui Week is almost over so head on over to :iconx-dragons-kfss: if interested, the next one is Seishirou at the end of November.
First Chibi Tueday will be the 14th with an OC coming up :D
I may have just purchased some Yowamushi Pedal cycling gear, I intend to use them in that way, but still slightly silly :D.
We have some great cycling tracks around here so probably good for me to get out in the sun from time to time. Mainly cause I wanted proper padded cycling stuff and why not ;)

5th October 2014

Thanks for sticking through those Project Educate Week journal entries, with the removal of the Journal Portal from the footer they are just not going to have as much exposure next time (which is in the early New Year). I also have added them into my Resources Gallery for ease of reference if you wanted them :).

So back to regular journals for a little while, typically I update them, but don't push out notifications unless I'm announcing something (or have run out of room!) I'm also starting (well I started last time) an Action Figure Collection journal series where I take photos of my figures and just pop them in my journals rather than into my gallery.

I also have come up with a new chibi style, so I've been experimenting with that lately (as well as continuing my two current projects).
Button: Kamui by KhallandraButton: Noah by KhallandraButton: Asagi by Khallandra

New Navigation Changes in short I kinda hate them, the minor changes I didn't mind, but then the links to my gallery and everything gone from my Message Centre footer just ruined the whole update.
The Activity feed is largely useless due to the number of group messages I get from just being a member of groups, and it's poor on my phone or tablet too.
What I miss most is the damn footer, I don't bother looking at Journal Portal or DDs anymore, takes too long to load the appropriate pages, and change screens (especially on my tablet) so I don't bother looking, DDs I try and go through, but I'm sporadic at best.

action figure highlights

Levi and Colossal Titan Nendos and Hozuki Char-forme
Levi and Colosal Titan Nendoroids by Khallandra
Hozuki Chara-Forme by Khallandra
That face really is my fav of the Levi faces ;)

previous action figures

Sinbad and Levi by KhallandraHaikyu!! by Khallandra

.:Tips of the Week:.

Tips and Tricks STAMP by Khallandra

:bulletblue: Conceptualise your art before you start to figure out how an idea might work
:bulletblue: When making something, even ordinary items look awesome glued on and painted
:bulletblue: Sometimes one or two tutorials will be less overwhelming than ten to try and follow
:bulletblue: Just because you draw doesn't mean you can't photograph or craft too!
:bulletblue: Everyone compares themselves to the growth of others, but you are you, your growth is yours alone
:bulletblue: If a hobby becomes a chore, it's no longer a hobby anymore.
Previous tips

.:Upcoming Art:.

WIP available on Twitter
:bulletyellow: Dragon Heirs :star-empty: :star-empty:
:bulletpurple: Groot (WC) :star: :star-empty:
:bulletred: Daddy Daughter #5 :star: :star-half:

Chibi Tuesdays
Button: Tully by Khallandra

:bulletyellow: Yato :star-empty: :star-empty:


Welcome to My Gallery by Khallandra
Currently Closed for the rest of the year.

I do work as an elf at santas-workshop in December.

.:Misc Other:.

:bulletwhite: Team Flare Grunt Cosplay (x2)
:bulletblack: Daddy's Princess Project PSS - Coloring by Oceannist
Daddy's Little Princess by Khallandra

Backgrounds from Subtle Patterns and base gallery CSS from Gasara
Eating Worms

.:art status:.

Art Trades Stamp by KhallandraRequests and Point Commissions by Khallandra
I'm sorry, but I will not be able to work on your project with you or give you points. If you want points join in at one of my groups character weeks, follow the guidelines and you'll get points that way.
Button: Kimihiro by Khallandra



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Age I don't want to be, Copic Artist primarily, dabbled in Cosplay, now trying out Watercolour painting. Lives in Australia. Random llama giver and also as thanks as well. Own worst enemy. No need to thank me for favs, watches and llamas it was my pleasure, please give me a llama instead if you choose to.
If I have made art for you thanks are always appreciated (and I think I did something wrong if I don't get a response).

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