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Kimihiro Valentines by Khallandra Marrok and Silver by Khallandra Tanuma as Fudzuki by Khallandra Father and Son: Christian and Noah by Khallandra Father and Son: Zeke and Heath by KhallandraMagi: Hakuryuu by KhallandraFather and Son: Tao and Leo by KhallandraSinbad Zepar Djinn Equip by KhallandraMajestic Prince: Izuru's Excitement by Khallandra


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Creating your own Manga

Fri Sep 12, 2014, 1:10 PM by Khallandra:iconkhallandra:

Anime And Manga Week


You have a great story, a bunch of characters and you want to create a manga. However, where do you start? Do you have it Left->Right or Right->Left? How should you publish it (*note: some publishers may have additional requirements/restrictions)?
The process is pretty much the same for any graphic progression such as comics.
Luckily, there are a great number of tutorials to help you on your way.

Nozaki-1 by Khallandra


A storyboard is a panel or series of panels which detail the sequence of significant events in a planned scene, i.e. a rough sketch coupled with some words to describe the actions in the scene.
At this point you'd need to have an idea of whether you are making a left->right or right->left manga and your story has been separated into scenes and plot points you wish to use to drive your story.


Storyboard template_download by demoniacalchild Storyboard Template by j3px Manga-Comic Tutorial Part1 by EST0PPEL Comic Tutorial Part One. by Disasterpeice777


Once you have figured out the rough story, it's time to get to sketching. First you need to prepare your final layouts and edges of the paper. Typically there are margins on official manga paper to emulate. These give an idea of where the cut off points are.
Sure you do not need to worry so much in a digital sense, but some manga programs will put these in case you did want to put your manga into print. You can buy pre-marked papers with the rulers in non-photo blue and there are some templates in the tutorial list to give you the guidelines.
Non-Photo Blue Why do people make their sketches in a pale blue? This is a specific shade that scanners 'ignore' when scanning in grey-scale. So you do not need to remove your sketch lines after inking. Typically the non-photo blue comes in mechanical pencil leads of various sizes and do not smudge as easily as a standard graphite pencil.
Non-photo blue Wiki Page.


Inking and Pen Techniques

After you have completed your sketch you can start to ink your page. You can use multi-liners, pen and ink or complete this digitally, this is completely up to the artist's preference.
Using the correct pen is important, as different pen nibs deliver different amounts of inks, digital programs emulate this as best as it can. However try not to use a ball point pen, as the ink can smear, try a felt tip instead. A cheaper pen is Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens, or Sakura Pigma Micron and personal favourite Copic Multi-liners. If you are going traditional pen nib and ink, the 'staples' are G, Saji and Mapping Pens, you'll also need to buy a shaft and ink pot (Copic Ink is quite nice).
This is also the stage at which you would add all the black areas, you can purchase additional brush pens to make this easier (or use the fill tool digitally).
Made a mistake? Use white ink to cover it over and start again.

Nozaki-3 by Khallandra


 B.W. Process by CodenameParanormal Inking with Manga Studio Page1 by michiru-san Motion Lines Tutorial by TirNaNogIndustries Tutorial - Speed lines by Ero-Pinku Three cross-hatching techniques by orioncreatives Pen Shading Demonstration by vendixnosferatu Ornamental inking by Asfahani

Adding Screentones

Screentoning is another art in itself. Applying the correct screentone needs to be well thought out and consistent across your manga. Choosing a flashy pattern for a character's pants or jacket may distract from the story. Digitally you can easily trial and error, traditionally you are more limited, but you can at least put the tones across your page to see how they go together.
Applying a screentone can be quite fun, it comes with a sticky side that you cut a rough area then lightly apply to the paper, then you cut off the undesired amounts (if you go through the paper with your cutter just sticky tape the back). Once you have the cut out finished, stick it down more firmly.

Nozaki-2 by Khallandra


SCREENTONING MANGA ON PHOTOSHOP by Noiry Manga Screentoning Tutorial by juri0juli SCREENTONING MANGA ON PHOTOSHOP by Noiry Traditional Screentoning by FOERVRAENGD How To Use Screen Tone by SiSero Dots and Screentones - Print by screentones Screentones by Lady-Werewolf Ink Wash Tutorial by EngleArtist


After you have finished the pages it is time for scanning. Make sure your scanner surface is clean, then place your page on the scanner and put a backing behind and close the lid, put an even distribution of weight on your scanner and scan it in.
Typically choose grey-scale and 300dpi could be enough, but you can make it more. If you are planning on colouring it, if the 300dpi scanned page is not big enough, scan it at 600dpi instead.
Clean your page from dust, rotate and crop where necessary. Apply proper Curves/Levels to make the darks darker and whites brighter.


SCANNING AND CLEANING MANGA PAGES by Noiry Comic Tutorial - Cleaning by Eisha Tutorial - Cleaning Lineart by kureo95 Speed MANGA CLEANING - ENG tut by i-Lock


You have your art and your page all ready, now you need to add your text.
Choose a font/fonts you wish to use (such as Wild Words or Webletter). Pay careful attention to the position of the words in your speech bubbles/thought bubbles and try to mix up using italics and bold when a different tone is to be applied (thoughts or yelling for example).


Typesetting guide for a BD by raluca-z Webmanga Page Tutorial by verticalfish

Presentation & Useful Groups

You have your finished pages and you are ready to publish your manga. What is the best way?
This is purely up to the artist, some approaches are to have each page as a separate deviation and the comments manually link to the first page, previous page and next page.
Another approach is to use Flash or PDF to have the entire chapter/manga in one sequential file.
A new and exciting approach is to make use of Deviant Art's Motion Book Tool details here.

Nozaki-4 by Khallandra

Useful Groups for more tutorials and tools

:iconmanga-apps: :iconartistshospital: :icontutorial-city: :icontutorialhouse: :iconsai-manga-tuts: :iconlearnmanga: :iconmangaacademy:

If you are wanting to publish your work please consider some of your decisions need to conform to their requirements. Go do some research as you may find your orientation, readability, font choices, tone choices, etc. will be part of their standards to follow.

Thank you for reading this article, a lot of the tutorials linked to are the first part of many so be sure to check out the rest of the artists tutorials.

Questions to the readers:

  • What is your favourite part of making a manga?
  • Do you have a favourite screentone or effect?

The animated gifs are from Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun.


Anime And Manga Week


A traditional artist faces a great challenge after finishing an artwork. How do they get it on their computer to upload and show the world?
There are two main options: Scan or Photograph. Both of these come with a horde of challenges and this article is to offer a starting point for the artist to experiment and find the best solution for their art.

Scanning Artwork

There are a number of type of scanners, the most common domestic peripheral being the flat bed scanner. This article focuses on using a flat bed scanner and not a wand or other type of scanner.
First things, the scanning bed must be as clean as possible, clear off dust and pet hairs before attempting to use and make sure the scanner is on a stable surface for scanning. Some scanners will be sensitive to direct sunlight being on the outside, if you find that your artworks get a strange bright spot, do check that section of your scanner isn't being exposed to direct light.
If your scanning software and scanner is being flaky: Have you tried turning it off and on again? Though for more complex problems check your scanner manual and support forums.

Firstly, put the flattened artwork on the scanner, face down and you can put a backing paper/cardboard behind it, then close the lid. Put an even distribution of weight on top of the scanner, to further press it to the surface of the scanner bed. Preview in your scanning software, if the artwork is showing warps (e.g. a watercolour picture might do this), either do some flattening with text books or try extra weight on top.
Scanner SettingsNow you are going to ask what settings do you need, this does depend on your scanner of course and your software. Typically in the 'manga scanlator world' 300dpi for Grey Scale, 600dpi for Colour. Most scanning programs have a preview mode that you use to then refine your scanning zone, scan a little outside the borders of your paper, if the program does some auto adjustments, generally just leave them.
You can use any format that you prefer, experiment to find the one you like best (e.g. PNG, JPG), or some scanners will send the image straight into your graphics program if you prefer.

Cleaning and Adjustments
You'll need a graphics program for this such as Photoshop or The GIMP. When you get your scan you might find some dust and pet hairs have made a sudden appearance, use the clone tool in fine detail to remove these specks. Removing them at the large scanned level is much easier than editing on a smaller canvas. After you have cleaned your artwork, crop it to remove the edges of the paper (you may need to rotate as well). If you have multiple scans to make one artwork, stitch together at this point.
The easiest colour adjustment is the simple Brightness/Contrast filter. Play with the settings to see what each setting does, typically the scanned version needs more contrast, sometimes it will be quite grey and need brightening up.
The more complex Curves and Levels could be used for greater control and you can also adjust the right colour channels (RGB or CYMK typically) as well. If you are feeling more adventurous try Selective Colour adjustment as well.

Example of scanned version vs cleaned and colour adjusted:
ARTICLE-scanned-final by Khallandra

Tip and Tricks

  • If your paper has drawings on both sides, put a black piece of cardboard behind it when scanning.
  • Text books or reference books are a great even weight.
  • If you are using your arms, get a wireless mouse so you can more easily start the scan.

Additional Tutorials

Tutorial - Scanning by TaniDaReal How to scan traditional art by luleiya Editing Scanned Drawings by Red-Priest-Usada Postprocessing Tutorial by rooteh

Did you know that a lot of scanners automatically filter out non-photo blue automatically? See the technical definition here.

Photographing Artwork Type 1

If you do not have a scanner, you can always use a camera to photograph your work. The most important part of taking a photo of a flat surface is lighting. Make sure your print is securely flattened to the surface you are photographing. Using thin double-sided sticky tape underneath your image would be suitable.
Watercolours should be more difficult, pre-flatten before attempting to photograph so you don't get the warping shadows. You will still need to clean and colour adjust your final photograph.

Photographing Outside

Depending on what you have available you can choose to photograph on the ground or by sitting your print upright. Below is an example of an upright rig that has been set up and the results.
The preferred image ended up being the one on the ground. The natural lighting is an early afternoon with slight clouds.

ARTICLE-photographing-outsi by Khallandra

Photographing Inside

Depending on your light sources you may find it easier to photograph upright. Open your window nice and wide to get as much natural light in as you can, angle several lamps towards your artwork (or create a photography lightbox). Try as many straight angles as you can to find the best one. Here is an example set up using three specific light sources:

ARTICLE-photographing-insid by Khallandra

But I don't have a lot of lamps!
Go pick up a couple of small cheap halogen lamps, they are your best bet or get direct sunlight inside, perhaps your bathroom is a more brightly lit place.
How you can check to see if your lighting is good enough is by taking a sample picture then using the 'Thresholds' adjustment to see if you have any dark or light spots. Two examples are as follows:

This one is no natural light and an iPhone camera - see the very dark shadowing in the top right corner going all the way down the picture.ARTICLE-night-phonecamera-l by Khallandra

The second example shows more complex lighting but we have a too bright spot and too dark down the bottom.

ARTICLE-night-notenoughligh by Khallandra

Tip and Tricks

  • When lighting, make sure the light is evenly distributed, else certain sections will be lighter/darker than others.
  • Flatten the artwork, and put backing if the paper is too thin.
  • Make sure the entire piece is in full focus, unless a vignetting is required for the piece.
  • Don't have enough lamps/natural light? Try using a light box (example tutorial below) or a studio flash diffuser setup.
  • Try using RAW format and edit your RAWs with an appropriate program. (Thanks Sydney-Smith)
  • Set your ISO to 100 for the least possible amount of grain and make sure you're setting custom white balance value by shooting a white paper. (Thanks LeonFoxwings)
  • Modify the exposure manually as you need to and have it shoot after 10sec to eliminate the motion by your hand pressing the button. (Thanks LeonFoxwings)

Additional Tutorials

How to Photograph Art by Jon-Snow Photographing your art by kamicokrolock How To Photograph Paintings by joshthecartoonguy Lightbox Tutorial by crazed-fangirl

Photographing Artwork Type 2

A very popular way of displaying your traditional artwork is to photograph it in such a way it is obvious it is a photograph. Most common way is to include the mediums in which you used to create the artwork or perhaps your hand drawing it. There are different challenges present when using this type of presentation than the earlier photography type.

Composition and Lighting

The key component of the photograph has to be your artwork and not your materials, try not to clutter your artwork with every medium you used. Take consideration of the lighting is still required, otherwise you might end up with some bad discolouration.
This is a very difficult and highly subjective form of photographing your art, the best way is to experiment with what you like best.

ARTICLE-artwithstuff by Khallandra

Tip and Tricks

  • Make sure your artwork is clean from dust and rubber/pencil shavings that will distract from your artwork.
  • The artwork is the central focus of the photograph and not the tools. Use the tools to compliment the artwork instead.
  • Use depth of field to your advantage, not everything has to be in crisp focus. Experiment with angles.

Additional Examples

red.. by khaoskai Uta No Prince Sama Ittoki Otoya by Mistiqarts IA Vocaloid by kazukizein Sailor Moon..... by Lettelira

Some groups do not accept this type of presentation in their gallery, always check the rules and guidelines of a group should you choose to display your art in this way.

Thank you for reading this article. Hopefully you can experiment to find a way of presenting your art that you like best.

Some questions for the viewers:

  • What challenges do you face when scanning or photographing your artwork?
  • What is your favourite item to photograph with your art?

Spending a little bit of money

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 29, 2014, 8:01 PM

24th-25th September 2014

Done with the prizes, I will release it soon :)
Few prizes and gifts coming through, almost finished with those, then back to less often posting. Some things are going to Scraps since they are different versions of the same thing already in my gallery. I've also added a few buttons to my profile cause they turned out cute :D
Kamui Week is a little over a week out, if you want some quick points come and submit something, you don't need to be a member to submit to the group :D :iconx-dragons-kfss:
My Kamui Week is adorably cute this year! ;)

21st September 2014

W00t! Chiyo Fangirling Icon My llama upgraded to a shiny purple one. His name is Tobio now ;) Now to get back to my gift arts (sorry I'm a little slow lately, I'm hardly ever home at the moment Chiyo Flustered Icon .

19th September 2014

So close to my King Llama! :iconkingllamaplz: that's all I've been trying to get :) Will work on some prizes and what not today.
Any tips on shutting my neighbours dogs up? They bark all day and all night because they are so bored and practically abandoned (one is a rottie, so she's a little scary, the other one is annoying as terrier mix that squeal-y barks).

18th September 2014

Okay activity feed stop appearing on  my profile, I DON'T want you! Trying to reach the next Llama stage so trying out the dATrade thing - I'll gift all the llamas back too cause I just can :P

15th September 2014

This whole past weekend I've been having extreme difficulties getting to this website and being able to do things. I think I've managed to answer all the comments, but the others I've just not had a chance to address because of the website just dying on me. A lot of others are having the same issues, so hopefully they find and fix the damn problem it's becoming very frustrating!
When it's back I will address my massive backlog of things to go through :whelp:

13th September 2014

My first journal made the front page! First time that's ever happened. Second one seems to be doing well too! Thanks so much for the support!
Off to Oz ComicCon now :D
Edit: Exhausted, wallet is quite a bit thinner, had some fun at the panels and a pretty good day all round :iconfancydanceplz:

10th September 2014

I'm nervous :nervous: about my PE article that I'm putting up tomorrow, I hope it goes down okay :blush:
Just editing my profile page as  the journals will pop up on my own journal as well and I'm a sucker for symmetry.

6th September 2014

:iconx-dragons-kfss: has the results of the contest up, here is the feature of the contestants and winners:
.seasonsss by isaeway
Four Seasons by Mitz-chan
Somber Smoke by Phoenixofdarkness62 Bitter Spring by Mitz-chanA Choice by sealandangel

4th September 2014

Fanart Suggestions are now Closed the ones I will be doing are on the side menu of this journal. I have also closed up commissions for the rest of the year since I have some commitments already. Likely Feb at the earliest for re-opening (whenever santas-workshop winds down usually).

30th August 2014

Still have that open fanart suggestions poll here I will be closing that soon. Please come suggest something you'd like to see, you can suggest on this journal too if you prefer.
In September I have written some articles for the Project Educate Anime and Manga week so do keep an eye out for them :D. They are my first articles so I hope they are okay :blush: They are second week of September.

Been having fun photographing some of my action figures I recently received, at the moment I seem to have one coming every month! My upcoming figures are Hozuki, Cardcaptor Sakura Nendo, Space Dandy and Cleaning Levi Figma.
Instead of bombarding you with photos I'll just put them up in my journals, so pop back regularly to see them :D (I don't tend to broadcast updates).
Haikyu!! by KhallandraSinbad and Levi by Khallandra
Impending Doom by Khallandra

My wish list includes the Pop Vinyl Groots! They seem to be coming in November here :D

I'm still doing the Daddy Daughter series, just doing some fanart in the meantime so you guys aren't bombarded with just OC art all the time.

Feature Section

Art for me last month (see previous journal for large thumbs)
20140721 201308 1 by Yukieru Commission: Kimihiro by Innervalue

.:Tips of the Week:.

Tips and Tricks STAMP by Khallandra

:bulletblue: Conceptualise your art before you start to figure out how an idea might work
:bulletblue: When making something, even ordinary items look awesome glued on and painted
:bulletblue: Sometimes one or two tutorials will be less overwhelming than ten to try and follow
:bulletblue: Just because you draw doesn't mean you can't photograph or craft too!
Previous tips

.:Upcoming Art:.

WIP available on Twitter
:bulletorange: Haikyu!! Group Fanart :star-empty: :star-empty:
:bulletred: Daddy Daughter #3 :star: :star-empty:
:bulletpurple: Kamui Week :star: :star: :target:
:bulletorange: Noah Chibi :star: :star:

Fanart Blitz
:bulletpurple: Groot (WC) :star-half: :star-empty:
:bulletblue: Jotaro (Jo Jos)  
:bulletpurple: Uta (Tokyo Ghoul)
:bulletblue: Kirito (SAO GGO Arc)
:bulletblue: Kou (Ao Haru Ride)  :star: :star: :target:


Welcome to My Gallery by Khallandra
Currently Closed for the rest of the year.

I do work as an elf at santas-workshop in December.

.:Misc Other:.

:bulletwhite: Team Flare Grunt Cosplay (x2)
:bulletblack: Daddy's Princess Project PSS - Inking by Oceannist
Daddy's Little Princess by Khallandra

Backgrounds from Subtle Patterns and base gallery CSS from Gasara
Eating Worms

.:art status:.

Art Trades Stamp by KhallandraRequests and Point Commissions by Khallandra
I'm sorry, but I will not be able to work on your project with you or give you points. If you want points join in at one of my groups character weeks, follow the guidelines and you'll get points that way.



:star-empty: :star-empty: Concept Stage
:star-half: :star-empty: Sketch in Progress
:star: :star-empty: Colouring in Progress
:star: :star-half: Colouring almost Completed
:star: :star: Completed

.:Groups I Run:.

:iconx-dragons-kfss: :icongate7-clamp:

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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art


Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Rooster Illusion

Button: Seishirou by Khallandra Button: Subaru by Khallandra

Features and Upcoming Art

Contest Entries and Winners Feature..seasonsss by isaeway
Four Seasons by Mitz-chan
Somber Smoke by Phoenixofdarkness62 Bitter Spring by Mitz-chanA Choice by sealandangel

.:Upcoming Art:.

WIP available on Twitter
:bulletorange: Haikyu!! Group Fanart :star-empty: :star-empty:
:bulletred: Daddy Daughter #3 :star: :star-empty:
:bulletpurple: Kamui Week :star: :star: :target:
:bulletorange: Noah Chibi :star: :star:

Fanart Blitz
:bulletpurple: Groot (WC) :star-half: :star-empty:
:bulletblue: Jotaro (Jo Jos)  
:bulletpurple: Uta (Tokyo Ghoul)
:bulletblue: Kirito (SAO GGO Arc) :star-empty: :star-empty:
:bulletblue: Kou (Ao Haru Ride)  :star: :star: :target:

Random Things

Age I don't want to be, Copic Artist primarily, dabbled in Cosplay, now trying out Watercolour painting. Lives in Australia. Random llama giver and also as thanks as well. Own worst enemy. No need to thank me for favs, watches and llamas it was my pleasure, please give me a llama instead if you choose to.
If I have made art for you thanks are always appreciated (and I think I did something wrong if I don't get a response).

:iconflyingheartsplz: :: Liek thanks you :: by Liek :iconflyingheartsplz:
My Tumblr | Art Twitter
Random Llamas by Eventer4Ever-Ali Sket Dance Stamp by Khallandra Copic Love stamp by KaizokuShojoCopic Collector Stamp by Khallandra



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