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April 17, 2013
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Gate 7 Inspired: Tachibana Kimono Top by Khallandra Gate 7 Inspired: Tachibana Kimono Top by Khallandra
I love Tachibana, he's one of my favourite characters and I wanted to make something that shows my love of the series, but not be restricted to the cosplay cupboard.

Idea: Tachibana inspired Kimono that can be worn at conventions, but also worn as a nice going out outfit - not a cosplay
Series: CLAMPs Gate 7
Design Idea Based on: [link]
Time: About 3-4 weeks

Construction Details: (Everything in quotes since none of them are traditional in any sense)
'Kimono' Pattern that has been shortened and arms shortened as well, more like a haori in length as Tachibana typically wears hakama so the shortened top fitted nicely.
Made from gold patterned Japanese cotton, the inner kimono was made from simple white nylon lining, though I suspect this will make it very hot and I might replace it later.
'Obi' is made from gold pleather and lingerie elastic, it is just a simple cloth belt design
'Hangesa' is made from white silk, black satin and gold cord, not made traditionally or using any sort of pattern. Painted with gold acrylic and sealed. The glyph is Tachibana's logo in the series (and adorns art of him) whilst the blossoms are orange blossoms based off of the CLAMP design of them, but hand drawn versions.
Embroidery Scanned in the hand-drawn orange blossoms, converted them into digital format and got them machine embroidered, then cut them out and stitched them onto the top.
Bag Left over cotton, lined with left over satin and draw strung with left over cord (cause I always forget to make pockets in things and smart phones don't fit in my jeans)

Was a new thing to try and do, quite expensive fabric, but if I can get some real world use out of this (and I will) it's worth it.
My mother gave me some silk to try and make another one. I would like to make a Sakura inspired one in white if I can find the perfect fabric for it, as this ones fabric is just lovely. I also have a silk chinese collared top I can wear under this if the nylon lining is too hot.

Edit: Wait what? I'm thoroughly shocked :iconveryshockedplz: thank you so much to `SavageFrog and ^Talty
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Thanks :) I've been on the lookout for an awesome red fabric to make a red one too :D
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