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October 3, 2009
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Guide: Buying Copics v2.1 by Khallandra Guide: Buying Copics v2.1 by Khallandra
Version Two May 2011 (Version One -
Decided to update this tutorial and combine the two elements because it makes it easier to start choosing colours if you know how the numbers work.
This explains the Types of Copics, How to Determine what you need, Explanation of the Greys, more details explanation of the Colour Chart and number system and finally how to choose Gradient colours.
Version 2.1 - Nov 2012
Changed formatting to be a little more friendly, the darker the background the more advanced it is. You can start with just the lighter ones and work from there as you buy more Copics
Also I mention that I have some copics that I made, you do this by buying a blank marker (empty one) then filling it with inks yourself. I've only ventured into making lighter versions of colours I already have (i.e YR200 which is YR20+colourless blender, E700 from an E70 ink and I botched up an E03/R00 - putting ink in an existing marker doesn't work so well, but it worked enough)

Short Summary of this tutorial: BUY COPICS!!!

Guide: Marker Papers by Khallandra Walkthrough: Colouring with Copics Version 2 by Khallandra Reference: Skin and Hair Tones (Copics) by Khallandra

Please don't reproduce anywhere else, use the little link on the side if you need to :)

Copic Library - inc Colour Wheel
My Guides and Resources Gallery contains even more copic tuts.

For more Marker Tutorials go :D
For a List of the Types of other Markers out there: is a MUST!
No money to buy copics? Here's a tut on how to emulate in SAI
Copic Collector Stamp by Khallandra
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Wannab3Otaku Jan 24, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
This is really helpful :D but does copic markers work as well as on printer paper as on marker paper? Or does it suck on printer paper? Cuz thts all i got T.T
Khallandra Jan 24, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I have a whole tut on papers - [link] but the summary is it does work, bleeds quite a lot and will go through the printer paper (so have something underneath to catch else you'll be cleaning your desk all the time, the wet face wipes work well for cleaning off the markers :)).
If you can, grab a bleed-free pad of paper, it's thin and usually comes in 50 sheet pads and is not too expensive, usually less than $8 USD for a pad as opposed to the $20 some pads of other art paper cost :D
Wannab3Otaku Jan 24, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Thanks a lot!! :D
Thanks for the help :nod:
Khallandra Dec 23, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hope it is useful at some point, I tend to take days to decide what markers I want then in the store spend an hour humming and harring even more over my 'list' :)
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toadstoolteaparty Jul 31, 2012   General Artist
i just got copic markers and im really excited to try them out, but i have a question: if u use a lighter color on top of a darker color, will the darker color get onto the nib of the lighter colored marker and ruin it? (cuz regular markers like crayola do that and i dont wanna ruin the copics ^^;)
Khallandra Aug 1, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The ink does transfer onto the lighter marker, but you can just brush it off on another piece of paper and it goes back to normal. I use the technique with the colourless blender mostly to transfer some of the darker colour into another area. So it does transfer, but not permanently like the cheaper variety of markers :) Hope that helps :) Plus if you do ruin a nib, you can buy replacements for them as well (I've worn out a few :blush:)
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