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Denki by Khallandra

How to Draw Manga! Introduction

A series of articles full of tutorials and videos on some common Anime and Manga themes. Check out the links for previous Project Educate articles that have been written that may already outline some of the basics and tools.
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Master List of How to Draw Anime/Manga Tips and Tricks Articles

Mikorin3 by Khallandra

Three Basic Starting Points

There are lots of articles to help in both the style and the community, but it can be overwhelming for new comers. The basics of anime style is that is it similar to Western Cartoon style, but with different features such as large eyes, small noses and mouths. These three will briefly be expanded upon.


Anime eyes are generally wider, taller and have variable sized irises to realistic eyes. They form a primary part of the expression of an anime character. Any colour of the iris is suited, even multicoloured, with large highlights (shine).
Younger characters tend to have wider and larger eyes, often oval shaped irises and lot of shine. The older the character gets the height of the eye decreases along with the iris size accordingly.


Often anime noses are quite small and unnoticeable, a dot or small line can define the nose. Larger noses are often a stylistic choice and come in as many flavours as eye shapes.
Females tend to have small noses, Chibi characters tend to have very tiny or non existent noses, whilst bishounen can have large and long shapes (depending on the style chosen).


Mouths are also very varied in styles being small and unnoticeable to large and wide. The location of the mouth is not always in a set position as for example the 'sideways mouth' is often used in a profile which is an anatomically incorrect position, but it is very common in the anime style. The teeth are sometimes drawn, but hardly ever detailed (unless it is a close up or used for the expression), the insides of the mouth are mostly simplified too. Upper lips are often times missing or very thin and often the entire mouth is left uncoloured or lightly coloured.

But I need more, that's too many different styles!

Bakuman 3 by Khallandra

Don't panic! Everyone draws differently. Try and find some artists and analyse how they draw those three aspects, once a pattern is seen, try a different artist and repeat the process. Move onto different genres and different eras as things have changed over time, looking at an anime style from the 80s is very different to a late-90s and the styles today, they have diversified and changed depending on the artist and genre.

Groups of Interest

:iconcranimeandmanga: :iconprojecteducate: :icondrawing-tutorial: :iconartistshospital: :iconmanga-apps: :iconmangaacademy: :iconlearnmanga: :icontutorialsclub: :iconproject-manga-lesson:

Articles of Interest

Gifs from: Denkai, Bakuman, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

Design by cinyu | Coding by SimplySilent

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