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Yay, it IS that time again!

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 27, 2015, 5:27 PM

16th january 2016

Walls are finished being painted (touch ups still required though :( ) and now putting together and rearranging all the new furniture. It's quite tiring and frustrating (stupid flat pack furniture). Can't wait till it's all up and done, but then the led wiring needs to start and ... it really never ends.
Very sad to hear about both Bowie and Rickman :(

10th january 2016

Been painting house walls, now up to the feature darker walls and doing the joining lines by hand (since the tools are useless) with a small brush.
Recently got a Kindle, I've been holding out for ages since i like paper books, but they've just become really expensive (almost twice what they were a few years ago) so it has become more useful to have an eBook reader and the Kindle Paperwhite got the best reviews so picked that one. Its 'name' is BB-K ;)
Nothing much of anything else going on, got one more week before I have to go back to work, this break has been good, especially after the chaotic Sept-Dec I had.

3rd january 2016

Check out this awesome art trade sealandangel did for me of Levi and Ira getting a little under each others skin!
Levi and Ira AT by sealandangel

1st January 2016

Happy New Year! :iconfancydanceplz: Wish everyone a good one!

Goals from last year (2015) results:
:X: Complete one shot Paper Dragons: Police Files including ref sheets, final copy - I did the storyboard at least and some starter pose sheets :doh:
:X: Work on pose studies more (as I did a few then left them :blush: ) - Oh dear I suck.
tick Write more PE articles - I did TONS of them, at the expense of everything else it seems :(
tick Fill up one sketch book - I'm going to say success, as I don't have many pages left in either sketch book so between the two, I filled one up!

In search for answersGoals for 2016:
:bulletblack: Pose studies, anatomy studies
:bulletblack: ACEOs
:bulletblack: More Mixed Media
:bulletblack: More complex action figure shoots

Can laugh, this is my calender choices from last year and this year ;)

27th december 2015

Busy time of year, managed to get a BB-8 tshirt in the sales so I'm happy, and a stormtrooper cushion. Still haven't built that TIE fighter yet.
Did I mention I love Star Wars? Cause I love Star Wars. I managed to get the BB-8 Loungefly handbag and it is so great, lots of comments from shopkeepers wanting my bag ;)

Thanks to Viridea for this awesome art trade of Levi!
-AT- Levi by Viridea

25th dec 2015

As Christmas is about wrapped up for me I have to say again Merry Christmas!
Some of the santas-workshop gifts have been released and I have finished all, but one of my art trades too.
Tomorrow, I'm going to build my Tie Fighter Lego set of course ;) and eat the left overs from Christmas for the next week ;)
Thanks for the trade! CrimsonSeal
Korvin by CrimsonSeal

art trade (completed)

Levi - Bookworm, hipster clothing, shaggy hair, glasses, blue eyed with yellow around pupil. Colours: greens and blues
Ira - Athletic type, late teen, golden eyes, red streak in his hair, singlets, jeans. Colours: black and reds
Korvin - villainous, punk hair of shaved above his right eye, long black hair, golden crow like eyes, flashy suits and silk shirts, Colours: greys and blacks
Character Sheet on the first two - Character Sheet: Levi and Ira Korvin's
Gallery with more versions of them
Trading parties
:iconviridea: :iconsealandangel: :iconcrimsonseal: :

5th December 2015

Going to see Yowamushi Pedal today (the movie) :excited: I hope it's fun :D
Edit: It was heaps of fun, the movie was great, felt like singing along!

30th November 2015

Realised how close The Force Awakens is and panicked, bought the plastic lightsaber to make look better instead as I couldn't find appropriate pieces to begin construction.

Articles Announcement Leaving on that last article note, I have no plans to further continue to write articles, the Tips and Tricks series now has an open spot for a contributor, please head on over to CRAnimeAndManga and send a note if you wanted to take over.
projecteducate is always looking for article writers and love having new people come on board, if you want to write an article and want some tips, do feel free to ask me.
But I am done with that phase of my DeviantArt profile, hope something was somewhat useful to some people. All the articles archives are: HERE

28th November 2015

I have successfully completed this years NanoWrimo! Quite proud of this one, it is much more complete than my previous stories and I got to write a villain that is a main character (usually they are just on the side). I had a lot of fun, was a challenge after having completed InkTober and diving straight into it :blush: but despite the insane workload I have with work at the moment I've managed to complete it! :dance:
:iconsantas-workshop:'s doors are starting to crack open, go check out the group to start thinking about your letter to santa! :santa:

My Obi-Wan cosplay is coming along, the tunic and robe is made, working on the belt this weekend.

previous art made for me

.:Tips of the Week:.

:bulletblue: Best part about giving a gift is getting a smile.
:bulletblue: Doodling on paper is practise!
:bulletblue: Writing down how you do something, helps you find ways to improve and experiment with it.
:bulletblue: A sketch book isn't just for sketches, it's for anything you feel like, stick stuff in, pop pages out, whatever you please.
:bulletblue: An article is not just a tutorial, is can be so much more, anything you like actually!
Previous Tips

.:Upcoming Art:.

WIP available on Twitter
:bulletred: Siblings Project #3 :star-empty: :star-empty:
:bulletyellow: Paper Dragons re-draw :star-empty: :star-empty:
:bulletyellow:Levi Portrait :star: :star:
:bulletpurple: Subaru Week (19 Feb) :star-empty: :star-empty:

:bulletwhite: [P] Manami figure (Yowamushi Pedal) :star: :star:
:bulletblack: [P] Sugawara (Haikyu!!) :star: :star:

Want to Suggest Fanart? SUGGEST HERE
Button: Tully by Khallandra

.:Misc Other:.

:bulletblue: Obi Wan cosplay (completed)

:bulletwhite: Kageyama Nendo (Haikyu!!)
:bulletblack: Hozuki Nendo
:bulletwhite: Cleaning Levi Nendo
:bulletblack: Celty (DuRarara!!)
:bulletwhite: Izaya (DuRarara!!)
:bulletblack: Shizuo (DuRarara!!)
:bulletwhite: Yu (Persona 4)
:bulletblack: Makishima figma (Yowamushi Pedal)
:bulletwhite: Celty Nendoroid (DuRarara!!)
:bulletblack: Umaru Nendo (Himouto! Umaru-chan)
:bulletwhite: Kazuma (s-CRY-ed)
:bulletblack: Erwin Smith (AoT)
:bulletwhite: Eren Jaegger (AoT)
:bulletblack: Ronin Boba Fett
:bulletwhite: Grimlock (Transformers)
:bulletblack: Prowl (Transformers)
:bulletwhite: X-Wing (Star Wars)
:bulletblack: Munechika (touken Ranbu)
:buleltblack: Nyanboards

:bulletwhite: Sibling Project

 Backgrounds from Subtle Patterns and base gallery CSS from Gasara
Eating Worms

.:art status:.

Art Trades Stamp by Khallandra Requests and Point Commissions by Khallandra
I'm sorry, but I will not be able to work on your project with you or give you points. If you want points join in at one of my groups character weeks, follow the guidelines and you'll get points that way.
Button: Kimihiro by Khallandra



:star-empty: :star-empty: Concept Stage
:star-half: :star-empty: Sketch in Progress
:star: :star-empty: Colouring in Progress
:star: :star-half: Colouring almost Completed
:star: :star: Completed

.:Groups I Run:.

:iconx-dragons-kfss: :icongate7-clamp:

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sealandangel Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
you know I will >w< do any of them have a relationship? because i has a new kiddie relationship ^-^
Khallandra Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Levi and Ira do (eventually) :D
sealandangel Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
that works~i gave Seiko a sweetie <3 
Khallandra Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sure send me through the details for the trade when you can, I'll be happy to :D
sealandangel Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
okay ~ ill have to make a colored reference of Kou = D
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