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Fireworks go boom boom boom! BOOM!

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 31, 2016, 8:41 PM

11th April 2017

Another collab I joined in on:
Gen 1 Collab (INCOMPLETE) by GwenethSong
Commissions are now open, just saving up to get a new subscription, all my lastest art trades are examples of what I will do for commissions. Art Trades on Hold.  except for the ones listed -> they are in progress.
Almost my birthday actually :blush:

20th March 2017

Check out this awesome art trade of Korvin Lupine95 did for me!
Art Trade by Lupine95

16th march 2017

My shiny Kartana if you squint ;) [in the middle right up the top]
Gotta Draw 'em All: Steel Type Collab by Marche-Towers

2nd MArch 2017

There he is! My little Torracat :)
Gotta Draw 'em All: Fire Type Collaboration by Krisantyne

24th February 2017

Check out this awesome art trade of Christain Femaledragonknight did for me!
Among dragons and roses (Feb trade for Khallandra) by Femaledragonknight

20th February 2017

Been a little busy lately, got Subaru Week over at X-Dragons-KFSS and my two more Gen 1 collab pics to do :iconpikachuplz:
Also have been moving and putting together furniture then playing Pokemon Yellow too. I'm training up a Mankey and Pikachu as my core team (and a Nidoran whilst I am at it) ;). Picked up PGO again to get some of the new ones, nothing much has changed since I dropped it before Sun and Moon, still a blue strong hold :(

Re: Wonderfest sooo many Nendos coming up, can't wait and Umi (finally!) in the works. Still sad at no Cu Chulainn scale though (if there is pretty please show me).
I have ordered Red nendo so I am hoping I can get the Lily one too somehow :D
I'm gonna need more cabinets ;)

5th February 2017

That's a lot of recent Pokemon art what about the Bishies?!
Yeah sorry at the moment still on a complete Pokemon high, I've also entered a few collabs and a challenge. Though I have a few bishies in the works too, so that hasn't stopped either! I've been working on a set similar to Noah's Night and Day one, I've over half way through it, got three artworks left in the series to go.

What about journal articles?
Well... I ran out of good ideas that I could participate in. I had some backlash on my very last one that still pisses me off :rant:. However, don't let that stop you asking questions in general, I can often dig up an answer for lots of things. If I can't, I can at least point you to where you might be able to find it too.*Free Icon/Emote* Molang (I Love It!)VeryDoge .

27th January 2017

Congrats DMikleo on your well deserved DD :D
On Love: Agape~ by DMikleo

5th January 2017

Check out this awesome commission of Levi kykie02  did for me!
(040117) :comm: by kykie02

3rd january 2017

Thanks to everyone at :iconsantas-workshop: it was a successful holiday period for me and I got to use up those last two slots I had available :D
Ultra Beasts in my game have been captured, just need to trade to get the two from Moon ;) Still got a little bit of after gaming to complete, getting the Zygarde to 100 and the legendary and taking on the four again :D I have never completed a game so far before :blush:

*Psst* If anyone has artwork of Caster Cu Cuthalin please shoot it through to me, I'd love it see it ;) I've got my fingers crossed.  for a figure of him.

1st january 2017

Happy New Year! Finally after over a decade of wanting to go, I got to see the Sydney fireworks first hand. Day89 - Fireworks Ended up getting to see the 9 o'clock ones then headed to the place for the midnight ones. Was great, damn that was a lot of fireworks, the multi-coloured ones were super neat.
Back to regular programming, some more gifts to come, but maybe a little later in the month when I get a chance to breathe (and the previous gifts are all collected :/)
Pokedex by BloodyStuffyPawsI completed all the  Melemele, Akala, Ula'ula Island and Poni Island Podexes :) my last was to evolve a Dragonite which I finally got in 2016 (with a few hours to spare). Now I'm onto the Ultra Beasts component and  trying to get FireyMcFire up to 100 ;) First time I've even gone and completed a dex, so I'm proud of myself. Majority was down in the past week ;) finding that razor claw was a bitch.
Pokeball bullet- Repeat Ball by BlazingStarO Pro tip found: Put a fainted Butterfree (ability Compound Eyes) as the first pokemon and an Exeggutor with Frisk and teach it Thief. This makes getting items like a Metal Coat and Razor Claw a little more likely. Worked like a charm for me, only had to encounter a couple of the Pokemon carrying the items to get them :nod:

First Project of the year: Pokemon Challenge (Will be digital and I'll be using this template #pokecember )

I have an Instagram account that I mainly put some WIP and figure photos on: Instagram/padawanshirou
I plan on using it a little more in this year, for when I can't get to setting up a full shoot ;) Genos is excited!
C00PHS1UAAAHtQu.jpg:small by Khallandra

Finally, check out this awesome commission Lovepeace-S did for me of Ginsei, he's just so adorable!
chibi commission for Khallandra by Lovepeace-S
Have an awesome year everyone!!

.:Tips of the Week:.

:bulletblue: Mixing mediums can be a lot of fun.
:bulletblue: Mixing Media: Pencils work great after Copics, as the pencils leave a layer on top of the paper instead of soaking into it and can block the Copic as a result or give splotchy Copic coverage
:bulletblue:  Too much pencil leaves a very distinct pencil texture that may or may not be desirable
:bulletblue: Pencils are good for areas (especially on a soaking paper) that the marker isn't giving enough definition to
:bulletblue: Achieving a goal is a rewarding accomplishment
Previous Tips

.:Upcoming Art:.

WIP available on Twitter
:bulletpink: Lillie and Shiron :star: :star:
:bulletpurple: Trade PrinceSch (Apr) :star: :star: (waiting on Trade)
:bulletpurple: Oc-Art-trade (Apr) :star-half: :star-empty:
:bulletorange: OC Kai :star-half: :star-empty:
:bulletpurple: Fuuma Week :star-empty: :star-empty:

:bulletyellow: Pokemon Challenge 6/32

.:Misc Other:.

:bulletblack: Too many figures to keep listing
:bulletpurple: Pokemon Challenge
:bulletwhite: Sibling Project (needs to be rebooted)

 Backgrounds from Subtle Patterns and base gallery CSS from Gasara
Eating Worms

.:art status:.

Welcome to My Gallery by Khallandra
Art Trades Stamp by Khallandra
Requests and Point Commissions by Khallandra
I'm sorry, but I will not be able to work on your project with you or give you points. If you want points join in at one of my groups character weeks, follow the guidelines and you'll get points that way.

Flareon by CreepyJellyfish



:star-empty: :star-empty: Concept Stage
:star-half: :star-empty: Sketch in Progress
:star: :star-empty: Colouring in Progress
:star: :star-half: Colouring almost Completed
:star: :star: Completed

.:Groups I Run:.

:iconx-dragons-kfss: :icongate7-clamp:

  • Listening to: Native birds
  • Watching: Miss Koyashi's Dragon Maid
  • Playing: Pokemon Yellow
  • Drinking: Coffee
Lovepeace-S Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2017
thank u so much for the feature :D
Khallandra Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're welcome :D He's just adorable!
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