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Santa's Workshop

Fri Dec 18, 2015, 3:23 PM

Do you know Santa's Workshop?


Santa's Workshop is a virtual workshop, housing up to 99 hard-working elves. These elves selflessly grant the wishes of Deviants who write letters to Santa. So whether it's a fanart of your favourite character, a portait of your OC, or perhaps an illustration for a dear friend, we will make every effort to grant that wish.

This years santas-workshop is currently open for letters to Santa (extended until Christmas! :happybounce:). There are a few more days left to get your letters in! This is not a Secret Santa event, it purely is a giving group, so come check it out!

Featuring some works from last year

Come send a letter to Santa

Skin by pica-ae

Patterns by Subtle Patterns | Fonts by Google Web Fonts
Layout & Code by pica-ae | Copyright 2012
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December 18, 2015


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